Children’s Mental Health

Program Information

Participants in this certificate program will gain relevant knowledge and skills to effectively work with infants, children or adolescents with complicated psychiatric disorders. Courses will focus on the developmental process, understanding psychiatric disorders and associated behaviours, risk factors and triggers, the identification of behaviours and symptoms, on family relationships, and on intervention and prevention strategies. This program helps to meet the healthcare industry challenge of recruiting and retaining qualified employees to work with infant, child and adolescent populations with complex and complicated mental health diagnoses. Successful recipients of this certificate may have opportunities to seek employment in communities, schools and health care facilities such as group homes, hospitals, classrooms, clinics, community service centres, and ECE facilities.

Credentials College-Approved Certificate

Residency Students must complete a minimum number of credits in this program with their registering college to meet the Program Residency requirement to graduate from the program.

Completion All courses must be completed within five years of acceptance into the program.

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Delivery Part-time fully online

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