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The Advanced Power Engineering program provides 3rd Class Operating Engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary to challenge their 2nd Class operating (stationary) engineering exams.* The 2nd Class level curriculum is considered significantly more challenging than the 4th and 3rd Class levels with 32% of 2nd Class examinations in Ontario resulting in failure (Technical Safety Standards Authority, 2016). In Ontario, there are a large number of employers who require 2nd Class Power Engineers due to the size of the power equipment that they operate. The average age of an Ontario 2nd Class Power Engineer is 57, and there is an urgent need for new 2nd Class Power Engineers to replace this retiring workforce (Technical Safety Standards Authority, 2016). The Advanced Power Engineering program is unique in Ontario. It is comprised of six instructor-led online courses, each covering the material necessary to prepare for one of the TSSA 2nd Class exams. The courses are aligned with the PanGlobal Power Engineering 2nd Class textbooks and are designed so that 3rd Class Operating Engineers can complete the weekly readings and assignments around their work schedule. This program provides both theoretical and practical education in advanced power plant systems and operations with an emphasis on safety and environmental best practices. There is a focus on supervisory and management of power plant systems and personnel, which is often required at the 2nd Class level. Courses are offered on a rotating basis. Students who complete all six courses can apply to graduate with an Ontario Graduate Certificate in Advanced Power Engineering. *Please Note: In Ontario the official title is Operating (Stationary) Engineer. There is a movement initiated by the Technical Safety Standards Authority (TSSA) to change the title to Power Engineer to align with the other provinces.

Credentials Ontario College Graduate Certificate

Residency Students must complete a minimum number of credits in this program with their registering college to meet the Program Residency requirement to graduate from the program.

Completion All courses must be completed within 7 years of acceptance into the program.

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