Understanding Sustainable Farming: Principles and Practices

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The current mainstream agricultural model is widely recognized as unsustainable, but there is a wide divergence of views on how to create a more sustainable system. This course begins with an exploration of the ecological, economic, and social justice principles of sustainable farming. Following this, different approaches that are currently being touted as forms of sustainable agriculture – including organic farming, food justice certification, and the use of genetically engineered crops – are critically examined. This course concludes with a review of tools and strategies that non-profit organizations, governments and businesses can draw on to enhance agricultural sustainability. This is not a training course for farmers, but a course for those who want an overview of sustainable agriculture and how it is practiced across the country. This course offers students many opportunities to direct the course of their own learning. Students are encouraged to choose readings and assignments to reflect their own interests and knowledge/skill areas they would like to develop.

Intake W20 SEM

Start Date Jan 14 / 2020

End Date Apr 21 / 2020


Field to Fork: Introduction to Local and Global Food Systems

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