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Students examine Canadian federal income tax legislation to determine income and taxes payable for individuals and corporations (Public, Private, Canadian Controlled Private Corporations). Related rules from the Goods and Services Act are also reviewed. Students develop the techniques and skills required to apply this tax knowledge to various situations. Students explore liability for tax; income from employment, business, property, other income and capital gains; taxable income, taxes payable; and the rights and obligations of taxpayers, shareholder benefits and tax planning. By comparing and analyzing common features of the Income Tax Act and identifying and distinguishing the exceptions, students develop a strong framework for making tax related decisions. Through a combination of interactive lectures, class discussions, in-class exercises, numerous situational examples, case studies, research and assignments, students analyze individual circumstances and determine the applicable legislation. Students predict the tax consequences of events and propose alternative courses of action which will result in a more desirable tax treatment.

Intake F19 SEM

Start Date Sep 10 / 2019

End Date Dec 17 / 2019


ACAF70040 or equivalent

Computer Software Requirements:

A computer is required for this course. Students will need reliable access to the internet.



Group Work: