Student Services

With our member colleges, OntarioLearn offers a wide range of information and resources to help students succeed through their academic journey.

Important dates

All online courses in the OntarioLearn inventory have a scheduled start date and end date. Most courses are semester-based, although some, known as monthly intake courses, start at the beginning of each month. You can find these important dates highlighted in the profile of each course.


Help centre

OntarioLearn provides help desk support services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (12 hours a day on weekdays in French) for students and instructors. Call, email or chat live for immediate help with your online experience, whether you’re having trouble with the OntarioLearn Portal or one of our Learning Management Systems. Visit our help centre online to review our index of popular topics, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), our glossary of terms and quick links, or click through the technical service provider knowledge base for responses to common problems.


Many OntarioLearn courses have textbook requirements. Please refer to the information provided by your registering college—sent by mail, email, or posted online—for details on how to obtain your textbooks. Before purchase, be sure to take note of the return policy. If you are having trouble acquiring your textbooks, please contact the OntarioLearn Coordinator at your registering college.

If your course uses an electronic text, OntarioLearn has a preferred partner for its fulfillment at a discounted price. For select courses, students will be able to access a Kivuto Solutions Inc. digital resource portal from within their course to complete their purchase.  With each transaction, students claim a permanent licence with prompts to download and use the Texidium eReader. 

Start-up checklist

It is essential that you log in to the Portal to connect through to each of your courses by the scheduled start date. We recommend you use our 6-Point Start-up Checklist to review key elements of your course experience at the outset:

  • My news for the latest announcements
  • My instructor contact information 
  • My content of the lessons ahead
  • My activities to complete through the course
  • My progress to monitor your assessments 
  • My schedule to identify key dates.

Your final grade could be determined on whether you complete assessments on time such as assignments, discussions, tests – even an exam – if required. Instructors are not able to grant course extensions. All assignments and projects must be submitted by the deadlines established by the instructor and prior to the course end date.


OntarioLearn supports access to learning for students of all abilities. Every reasonable effort is made to provide OntarioLearn services and information to all students. Students with special needs are encouraged to contact the OntarioLearn Coordinator and/or the office for disability services at their registering college to ensure that appropriate support services can be arranged. 


Many courses have a final examination requirement. If your course requires an in-person final exam, you will need to make arrangements within the exam schedule with your registering college. Final exams must be completed no later than the Saturday following your course end date. Please refer to the welcome information from your registering college and watch the announcement area of the OntarioLearn Portal for information about exam schedules with this college.

You will no longer have access to the course after the course end date. If your course requires a final exam conducted online, the exam must be completed before the course end date. Contact your registering college for all program-related inquiries and questions about final examinations and final grades.

Proctoring is the process of overseeing an examination. Virtual proctoring allows you to take your exam where it is most convenient for you. OntarioLearn has a preferred partner, B- Virtual Inc., for supervising your exam online. Where colleges indicate, students are able to purchase the service at an OntarioLearn discounted fee and schedule their time slot within exam schedule dates. Students are able to link to the service from within their course and access specialized support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Virtual tutoring

OntarioLearn has a preferred partner for virtual tutoring. Students receive a special offer of one free hour of online tutoring available within the first seven days of a subscription plan purchase at This virtual tutoring company offers one-to-one sessions online with a qualified, experienced tutor suited to post-secondary education. Get general help on how to write essays, to prepare for an important test, or to resolve questions in select subjects, available 24/7.


The Ontario Colleges Digital Library (OCDL) helps online learners and instructors with information, resources and expertise of dedicated Ontario college library employees. Students are able to connect through from the Portal to resources. New resources are being added to the Portal over time to help learners complete research, writing and math assignments or source ready-to-use OCDL video content online. OCDL is a service provided by Ontario’s college libraries in partnership with OntarioLearn, the Heads of Libraries and Learning Resources (HLLR) and the Ontario Colleges Library Service (OCLS). 


OntarioLearn and its member colleges uphold high-quality standards for the courses and programs they offer.  The OntarioLearn Quality Control and Quality Assurance Specialist works with member colleges to conduct course reviews based on feedback from student course evaluations and spot-checks, using a customized framework based on a rubric developed by Quality MattersTM.

Students provide their feedback in an online course evaluation questionnaire, which measures the overall effectiveness of instruction, course content and students’ general perceptions of quality. Courses with inferior results are subject to additional steps like a course review, instructor review, course suspension or loss of the course claim.


OntarioLearn is committed to implement the Quality MattersTM standards for the design of online courses. Our consortium is systematically building and evaluating our courses based on these rigorous, research-based standards. The standards assure that the online components of our courses promote learner engagement and provide students with all the tools and information they need to be successful learners. More information regarding Quality Matters may be found at